Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

I don't buy into the 3 am Black Friday madness. You will never find me standing outside Target at 4 am, no matter how great the deal is. Just won't happen.

But what will I do? I will sit at my computer on cyber Monday and snatch up wonderful deals for my family. That I will do because a) its warm in here, b) I don't have to wrestle someone for the (fill in the blank) c) I get to have presents waiting for me in a few days at my doorstep! (And that always makes me smile!)

Here's my favorite list for cyber Monday shopping: (seriously, they have everything)
New York and Co. (because being well dressed should NEVER cost full price!) (who doesn't love a great deal on a ceramic deer head?) (up to 25% off your order + free shipping on Mickey?! Bring it on!) (check out all their free shipping items!)

And there you have it. Now go pick up your own deer head!