Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doesn't matter how old I am...

You've heard people say, "I'm a kid at heart"...but they wear stuffy suits all day, and pretentious socks (which match) and their designer can you be a kid at heart, when your socks always match, I'd like to know?

After people know me (some only for a few minutes) and I say "I love everything Disney"...they get it. They get me. It all makes sense; because I live my life as a kid at heart (with a few random responsibilities thrown in there...but whatever).

Take for example kids, they like me. Perfect strangers children will walk up to me, and ask to play (of course I will, ONLY if I get the nod from the parent...) I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my outlook on life: its good.

So yesterday I'm sitting at the doctor's office waiting (because you can never get in when your appointment is...NEVER) and in walks a mom and her little girl. Pig tails high on her head, velcro shoes and in either hand she's got a Buzz Lightyear. In my head I think, "what a cool little girl...she's rockin Buzz!".

I look back to my book and notice the little girl is standing about six inches from me. Just looking at me. I look up, "hi". "Hi!" this simple word started a very long conversation (with a two year old) about Buzz and Woody...and the other characters in the movie. The mom looks at me and says, "Sorry"...I explain that its perfectly okay, I love Toy Story...

Mom tells the little girl to put the toys back and take a seat next to her. Little girl says, "hmmm". Puts the toys down, grabs two books, walks back over to me and hands me the books.

"Here go". And as I close my book because I think, "Sure, I'll read 1,2,3 ABC" They call my name and I get up. "bye" I say to my new friend. "oh. Bye!"

Here's my point, doesn't matter how old I am, I will totally sit on the floor and play with kids, get dirt under my finger nails and watch cartoons on Saturday (and Sunday) mornings. That's just who I am.

To honor my inner child (who often resides on the outside of me) here is the trailer for Cars 2.