Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas around the house: Day 2

Growing up, my parents always made sure my siblings and I understood the bigger picture for Christmas. It was not just a holiday to get together with the family, open presents or play in the snow- it was a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Every year when we'd start decorating, pulling out the nativity scene was always a big deal. One of the kids would get to hide baby Jesus. (Just go with me on this). So the whole time leading up to Christmas, the nativity would be without the baby.

Why? Because he wasn't born yet.

So on Christmas morning, which ever kid hid the baby, would bring him downstairs, set him in the manger and we'd all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

It was one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Which might sound funny because you'd think the presents would take the cake, and they were always wonderful...but knowing that it was actually someone's birthday made it more of a celebration!

When I setup our nativity scene this year, the hubs got to hide baby Jesus. (Last year I might have misplaced him...)