Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bit by the bug

I've never understood when people say they are going to start "Spring cleaning". I assume people keep their homes relatively clean year round...so what would make Spring the magic time of year to break out the big yellow gloves and get down to bidness?

The other day I was opening the front door, looked out and saw my neighbor Windexing her glass front door. This made me think, "Gosh, I haven't Windexed mine in a while"...but I didn't want to break out the blue stuff right away (I didn't want her to think I'm a stalker or anything)...so I waited an appropriate amount of time ('bout 2 hours) and then wandered over to our front door, sprayed it down, sniffed the ammonia fragrance that means its "squeaky clean", wadded up some paper towel and went to town.

Wow. It was grosser than I thought. Himph.

This lead me to Windex every vertical surface downstairs. The mirror over the console got a wash...the sliding glass door got washed (and, ew. That was just covered in Jack-snot). Then I started thinking bigger. Larger than just what can I spray Windex on...what else really needs to be cleaned?

AH, HA! The laundry room! (It was around this point I realized I had been bitten by this spring cleaning bug they talk about...)

So the next morning, energized by my new bug bite, I grabbed a bucket of water, a new sponge, moved everything out of the laundry room, pulled out the dryer and looked down at Dust Bunny Cemetery. Apparently this is where all the dust in our house goes to die.

It wasn't too long before that fresh bucket of water was disgusting, had lots of floaters (eww!) and needed to be switched. When I was armed with a fresh bucket, I removed all the dust from the back of the dryer, removed the dryer vent, got all the yucky (but strangely smell-good) fluff out, walked outside and cleaned around the exhaust panel for the dryer...came back inside, dusted more, got another fresh bucket of water and then started all over again on the washer.

And then, while my knees were screaming at me for not putting something cushy under them while doing all this manual labor, I stood up and reorganized the shelving unit!
(This might sound like a boring task to some, but organizing makes me happy...maybe a little too happy.) I grabbed some small plastic bins (the kind one of my friends stacks to the ceiling in her closet, each filled with a fabulous pair of shoes!) and pulled out the labels and Mr. Sharpie.
(I get complimented on my handwriting a lot, and in times like this...I want to pat myself on the back for it...check out those letters! Daaaaang!)

Now, I'm like most girls (women), when I buy something and receive a nice bag (like, from Pottery Barn or Macy's) I keep it. Because, you never know when someone might ask for a nice, sturdy, bag with a handle. (It has yet to happen, but when/if it does, I'll be ready!) So I keep a few on hand at all times. They now have a place of their very own to call home! Right next to the washer! I still have to pick up a decorative hook to hang the big bag on...but for now, they are organized (smallest in the front) and have a home.
Here's some more photos of our super clean, fresh and organized laundry room!Looks like we have a thing for purple floor cleaners, eh?

When the hubs got home that night I wanted to suggest we eat in the laundry room (because it was now the cleanest room 'da house!) but decided that would just mess it up...and I refuse, let me repeat REFUSE to have crumbs in our freshly cleaned laundry room! Although...knowing this fact, I now realized how badly our kitchen was in need of a cleaning...