Thursday, March 24, 2011

Domino effect

You know how they say "bad things happen in 3s". Well, in our house we've escaped this phenomenon for a while, and then it all hit at once. (Because it always hits at once. That's just the way it goes...) Started with our wine refrigerator, then our stove and then our sump pump...all in the matter of two weeks.

Back story: when we got married, we honeymooned in Hawaii and stopped at the Maui Winery. We picked up three bottles of wine for us. One to open on our first year anniversary, one to open on our five year anniversary and one to open on our 10 year anniversary. To keep them fresh, he bought me a wine refrigerator to keep them in. Well, after two years, the fridge died, so we went without one for a while. Now for the story...

For a Christmas gift this year, my mom got us a new wine refrigerator! We were so excited to have slightly chilled red wine again! I rearranged the eating area furniture to include a wine bar now...made it look all bar-ish (with a basket that held the cork screw, bottle toppers...)Oh yeah, I was excited!

I'm a red wine drinker. I enjoy it over white, don't know why...but I just do. So once night I open the wine fridge and see I only have a white left. After the shock wore off, I decided to just be a big girl and suck it up (or, down in this case). I did (it was a pinot grigio) and promptly recorked it, and laid it back in the fridge. I wake up the next morning and find WHITE WINE ALL OVER! I get super frustrated, curse the bottle of white- then swear I will NEVER drink white wine again (because, of course this was the wine's fault!). I cleaned up the white mess and moved about my day.

Throughout the day I noticed the thermostat on the front of the fridge was going up a few degrees. For a day and a half I watched the thermostat rise from a crisp 65 to 80. Obviously the stupid white wine attacked the fridge in our sleep...thus obliterating our wine fridge. (Worst part, because of the spilled wine, it was leaking before I took it back. Our fridge became a total lush.)

Because it was only the middle of February, we were able to take back our drunky-Mc-drunker fridge and decided to exchange it for a fancy toaster oven with preset options and a digital display! (We came home with it and it took me 25 minutes of reading the users manual to figure it out! AWESOOOME!)

Why a toaster oven, you might be's where the domino effect comes in.

For at least six months, our oven was acting the fool and taking vacations at the same exact time I was trying to make dinner. So, I would have to plan to turn on the oven at 4pm so I could put dinner in around 5- it honestly took more than an hour to heat up to 350. I was able to deal with this for a while...but then the wine fridge decided to take a trip to drunky-Heaven, so the hubs said, 'Lets get a bigger toaster oven, because the stove is a piece of crap'. I'm all in.

Putting the toaster oven on double duty worked out awesome for a while. And then one night I decided to just give the 'ol stove one more try. It was an epic failure of mass proportions. This is when I decided we needed, not wanted, NEEDED a stove that actually worked.

We special ordered it and were told it would "be delivered in about three weeks". I figured, I've gone without a real stove for half a year, I can wait three weeks. But then, only a week after we ordered it, it arrived! TADAAAAH! Maybe our luck was starting to change...Don't the grates look like spiders? I LOVE 'em!!

Alas, our luck had not changed because, based on the scientific law of "bad things happen in 3s"...we had not reached our third problem. And then it happened. On the morning of February 28th our basement flooded. (Insert sad music). Turns out it was because of the massive amount of flooding we incurred the night before, along with our house loosing power, coupled with our backup sump pump battery was dead...resulted in water in the basement. Good news was our neighbors are awesome and lent us a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the water and a fan to circulate the air...but really, it was just horrible. I cried like a baby when I walked downstairs and saw my desk area under water. So that was our third problem, which was solved with a new sump pump

And there you have it, our domino effect. Thankfully the hubs and I smile a lot and laughed when the next thing (and the next thing) happened.

Now we are back up and running on all six cylinders! Thank God!!