Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Follow the herd

When you have a driveway that's this long, How do you keep the interest of your guests that have to walk it on a cold February day?

Simple, you have someone make super cute signs to get your baby shower guests excited about what's ahead. My first idea was to cut out baby feet, attach them to signs and have the guests follow the path of feet to the front door. Then I thought, "why reinvent the wheel. The shower invites are a safari theme- what if I made safari themed signs?"

So then I put on my thinking cap. I'd need two sheets of paper, one with a saying on it, then a backside...and some room in between the two sheets so I could put a stick through them so we can put them in the ground...after a while, my brain started to hurt, so I took a step back and went to the craft store.

I found the PERFECT safari paper...and solid black paper to attach to the back- but then I hit the wall. How do I attach the two papers? Laminate them? I kept walking around, thinking, thinking, thinking...I stumbled upon St.Patrick's Day garden stakes that had holographic shamrocks or hats on them. 50% off. SCORE! (I could somehow attach the two papers, then stick the St.Patrick's Day piece inside...) This idea was actually starting to come together!

Then I realized in the scrap booking isle they have 12x12 sheet protectors with two open if I taped the one open side....EEK!

Then it was time to feel like an evil genius creating something spectacular (think of when the lightning went through Frankenstein...yeah- it was THAT exciting!)

So, to start I used the Cricut to cut the letters (Don Juan cartridge) and attached them to the safari paper with paper glue. Let 'em sit over night.

Then tape the two sheets together, slide the page protector over them, tape the top and insert the St.Patrick's Day garden stake:

Eureka! Next step was putting them in the ground to lead the way to the front door!The last two signs by the front door read

I had a difficult time trying to find safari themed quotes to use...I didn't remember that Mac's web browser is "safari" when I typed it in, all these Mac blogs were popping up...error messages...I felt like one of those Bing! commercials!

I ended up with 10 signs:
- Don't feed the animals (which was on the invitation!)
- Follow the herd
- Giraffe crossing
- Zimbabwe 3000 miles
- Passports required
- Rrrrrroaring good time ahead
- Swing on over
- Watch for monkeys
- Its a jungle out here
- Come inside

I was so excited at how well received they were by guests at the shower!