Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun finds at ZGallerie

I know its been a while since I've done a post of 'fun finds'...but here I am again chit chatting about super fun/cute/quirky things I've found at ZGallerie ('cause let's be real, ZGallerie has got it going on!)

Lets start here. I love pugs (we have a puggle, Jack) and these two bookends, pug and dachshund, I just can't get enough of 'em...actually, the dachshund one reminds me of Slinky Dog from Toy Story! I'm pretty sure having this on anyone's desk would make you more productive...and if nothing else, you could bring up your bowling score!

Sometimes when I sit on our couch, I wonder what time it is. With this rug, I wouldn't have to look much further than my feet to find out!

See, now these are totally practical. Light the candle at one end, then eat your cake with the fork. Perfect ying and yang going on here for me.

I have a thing for cupcakes. Mom got me a babycakes maker for Christmas, and I tell you what- I have been making cupcakes for everything. From celebrating birthdays to celebrating because its Tuesday!(I also like this tea cupcake kit because I gave up coffee for Lent, and now I'm a connoisseur of all things tea!)

And with Easter right around the corner, who couldn't use a cute lil' rabbit?

Ok, if I walked into your house and you had this vase, I would probably say, "nice to meet you, but your vase is looking at me and its freaking me out. Buh bye."Call me crazy, but vases shouldn't have noses.

Now if you had this umbrella stand at your front door, I'd say you were a very practical, fun person and we should be friends!

And last but not least, this luggage tag makes me smile- because really, how many times has that iffy-looking person picked up the wrong bag (and it was yours!)