Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank yous

When we realized we were pregnant so many things happened in a blink of an eye. I realized immediately how blessed I was that God had finally given us the go-ahead to start a family. (No joke, I wrote in my journal, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU! like a billion times when I first found out!)

Knowing how thankful I was to the big J.C., I shared my joy with the hubs. He too acknowledged the same amount of gratitude. But we can't send God a thank you note, just lots of thank you prayers. Which got me thinking, "people are probably going to start buying our baby things- I need to find a killer thank you note!"

...and so, at about five weeks pregnant (before anyone other than the hubs and I knew I was, in fact pregnant) I began the monumental task of trying to find the right thank you note to convey to anyone who would hold one, just how thankful we were.

Now, I know I might have taken this task too "serious" but here's the thing. Words couldn't accurately describe just how truly thankful we were for someone to take time (and money) and spend it on us and our little bundle of unspecified-gender joy.

A while back I helped one of my clients plan a baby shower for one of her close friends. They stumbled upon this website,, which I went home and absolutely devoured! Invitations, thank you notes...annoucements- ahhhh, all a girl could ask for! (Except, at the time, we weren't pregnant yet, so I took some mental notes about what I liked and engraved the web address into my brain..)

Fast forward to preggo week five. I've forgotten all about Instead I'm looking at all these other websites...and keep getting more and more upset. How am I going to say thank you adequately enough...when these thank you notes look like trash? (Hindsight: was I possibly over reacting about these thank you notes? Yes. Had we even received one gift yet? No. Had we even told anyone about being pregnant yet? No. So really, did this matter? In my preggo brain, YES. Thank you notes were ALL that mattered!)

And then, like a thousand elephants stampeding, it hit me! Storkie! Insert the hallelujah chorus and golden rays of light emitting from my computer screen. It couldn't have been more beautiful. I began searching for thank you's. Since our theme for the nursery is "under the sea" and we are total beach babies, I wanted something beachy with an ocean type theme. But nothing too over the top, but something that would convey our gratitude...but not in an overwhelming fashion (yes, I put a lot of thought into these cards!) I finally narrowed it down to this one and this one.

I ordered samples of both and once they arrived (in three to five business days), I made my decision. We went with the baby submarine! I can't tell you the weight that was lifted off my shoulders when that decision was made. It was perfect. It was cute (who doesn't like a cartoon baby?) it was personal (hello, our theme was under the sea. The baby was, literally, UNDER the sea- in a submarine, could it get any cuter?!) it was gender neutral (because we weren't finding out the sex until we had the baby). It. Was. PERFECT!

Once that was checked off my list, I was able to move on to other very important finding baby shower invitations- to the baby shower that wouldn't happen for another SIX months. I figure, I've never been a procrastinator- why start now?

So, if you received one of our thank you notes, please understand, that piece of folded paper in your hands is the result of a woman who wanted to know be sure everyone knew just how thankful she (and her hubby) were that you thought of them.