Friday, April 27, 2012

I didn't know...

Becoming a mom has taught me a lot that I didn't know about myself, like:
- I didn't know I could stay up most of the night and still function in the morning
- I didn't know I wouldn't be able to sleep even when the baby is sleeping- for fear that he might wake up any minute now...
- I didn't know I could lift so much (car seat+baby= awesome arms!)
- I didn't know how fast two hours go when he's sleeping and I've got lots to do
- I didn't know spit up would/could come out of his nose (first time it happened I was certain he was broken!)
- I didn't know that screaming babies in public make people look at you like you did something wrong (because, of course I'd CHOOSE to leave the house while my son is upset? No, it just happens!)
- I didn't know I'd be on the verge of tears almost everyday, just because
- I didn't know I could cry as often as I do (because, before he came along, the last time I cried was 1999...or something like that)
- I didn't know how comfortable I'd be breast feeding...anywhere (including the mattress department of Macy's...)
- I didn't know cloth diapers would be so easy
- I didn't know that one very small person could be so very, very loud at times
- I didn't know that walking into a room with a baby everyone stops and says "awww, its a baby" (even though, my entire life before having him, I was that person who'd 'awww' in an instant!)
- I didn't know how much love my heart could hold
- I didn't know how many pictures our memory sticks can hold (we've only reached capacity once...)
- I didn't know that loud noises (like my hair dryer or vacuum) wouldn't bother him. At all.

I know there are so many things still that I don't know about myself, but four months into this mommy business and I tell ya, one thing I do know- I KNOW his smile and laugh reaffirm my faith in God everyday! How else could someone so perfect be put in my life, if it weren't for the grace of His hands!

I'm so thankful to be able to spend my days with someone who, for now, can only communicate his wants/needs with either a smile (that melts my heart) or tears (that melt my heart, for another reason...) Ahhhh, I just love him to itty bitty pieces!!