Friday, August 31, 2012

Count me in!

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to a new client, firing up our next meeting and what exactly she'd like me to help her work on. As our discussion was winding down, she asked me, "would you like to decorate a brassier for auction?" (I can honestly say, that was a first for me. Its not everyday that your asked to decorate a bra, especially for auction!) Giddy with excitement, I almost shouted "YES! Count me in!!"

Now, its not just decorate a bra and lets hang it on a wall. Its for a really good purpose, helping to raise money for women in our county who, for whatever reason, cannot afford mammograms and pap tests. This auction funds those tests for women.

Did I say YES before I knew that it was for a really great cause- heck ya I did...I mean, how much fun is this going to be?!?!

I hung up the phone and was antsy the entire meeting I was at because I wanted to start designing my bra!! When I was done in the meeting I ran (well, drove- but you get the point) over to MDG Flooring and started making some, what I actually picked out is going to be a surprise, but what I will tell you is that my theme is "Walk on the Wild Side"...hehe

Here are some photos of inspiration I found:

And when I came across this one, I just couldn't resist- my hubby is such a video game fan, it made me giggle...