Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teething rings

I'm amazed at how many teething rings there are available. The other night, I was flipping through my Family Fun magazine (yes, I'm totally that mom, even though lil' man isn't walking yet...) and I came across this teething ring with little finger-like things that "can reach all the way to the back of their gums". So I pulled out the page and put it aside.

Well, you know what happens well you put things "aside". They disappear. No, I'm not joking- I went to bed, it was on the kitchen table. Woke up, gone.

I was thinking of making a WANTED poster for it and placing it in The Hubs line of vision, but decided against it. Instead, I remembered it was from, so I went there, searched for 'teething ring' and got zero results (which seems weird to me...) so I search instead for 'teething' and up pops a bunch of information about baby Orajel, teething rings (which I knew they carried, apparently their search engine didn't...) and some various tooth brushes. But not the fancy teething ring with little fingers to get to the back of his gums!

So I pop over to and search for teething rings, and you know what? They have like 250 pages of teething rings. And not ONE of them is the one I'm looking for. Isn't that always the case? Himph.

I could go look harder for the missing piece of magazine. I'm sure it still exists in some form- but I have a few spare minutes to sit down (lil' man is nappin' away!) and I'd rather not use them to hunt for a missing piece of magazine.

Here are some highlights from my teething ring search:
- The Bling Ring black onyx teething ring. Doesn't that just sound weird? I feel like this might be something cave men used for their little cave man babies...sticking a rock into my kids mouth doesn't seem like an okay idea for me. And besides, the idea of his little teeth scratching up and down on the ring...just sends shivers down my spine especially if it makes a noise....eeeeeek! Oh, and don't even get me started on the name....Bling Ring? Really?
- The Empire Sterling Silver Teething Ring. Uhm, where do I even start with this one. I'm going to hope that this is intended to be an heirloom teething ring, not an everyday functional one (unless of course your Donald Trump's kid, in which case gnawing on sterling silver is probably something you've been doing since you were born. With that silver spoon in your mouth. Just sayin'...) Also, this teething ring has received FIVE stars, from only one reviewer. Why only one person reviewed it I ask...probably because only one person purchased it. Looks to me like we need more cow bell! Moving on....
- Maple Teethers. Yes, Maple, as in the wood. As in, your giving your baby a hunk of wood to ease the pain of cutting teeth. Why not just give them a piece of mulch and save on shipping?

...and so I will continue my search of the finger teether I found but lost.