Monday, March 11, 2013

12x12 Love

When we (and by 'we' I mean 'me', with the hubs blessing) decided to go with an under the sea theme in the nursery I didn't know how far to take it. Like, did I look for fish sheets? Should I start investing in a huge aquarium? And what about wall art? Is the tidal wave painted on the wall going to be enough? Too much?

See, this is what happens when your a designer. For other people's homes, its really easy (I find) to make decisions for them. When it comes to our home, I tend to over think things or leave things empty until I find the perfect item for the space. (Because I know it exists, I might just not have found it yet...) So when it came time for the wall art in lil' man's room, I got the best of both worlds.

I used (6) 12x12 frames over his crib (three on top, three on the bottom) and put scrapbook paper inside so I could switch them out as I saw fit. One of my favorite reasons for this is that when we switch out the papers, its a project lil' man and I get to do together.

We shop for the paper together, he points to ones he likes...and I point to ones I like. Then we buy the ones that make most sense.

When we get home and make the paper switch, its always fun for me to watch him lay in his crib and look up at the papers and go, "ooooooh" (Especially at Halloween when we hung super cute paper that had friendly spiders and mummies on it. He LOVED it!)

I've found it to be a super fun, easy and cost effective way to spruce up his room each month (or more frequently) and keep him entertained as well. He loves Mickey Mouse, so I try and keep at least one Mickey in the frames...(when he was super little, having his crib against the wall wasn't a big deal, but now he knows he has arms, and they are long, so he can easily touch the normally his crib is pulled away from the wall about 12"...I'm all about straight pictures! Oh, and safety. Of course!)