Thursday, April 25, 2013

We're poppin' ovah here!!!

 One of my favorite things about Spring is when the sun comes out, but the air is cold. Like today for instance, its sunny, blue skies but with the high of like, 50. That's perfect weather for me. Why? Because I don't like being hot.

Yes, I lived in Florida for 14 years which only cemented in my brain how much I don't like being hot. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't like being cold- like bitter cold, blue hands and toes; that's not my cup of tea. I just like it brisk. Yes, that's the best word to describe it, brisk.

To prove that Spring is popping up in random places here are two examples.

First: We like to go to a bar/restaurant called The Winking Lizard (which has a HUGE live lizard who lives in a cage in the middle of the dining room- AWESOME!) and while walking out of it the other night, I noticed these in the window of the Sherwin Williams store that's right next door.
Now you wanna tell me that isn't CUTE?! And clever!! I love seeing everyday items being used in imaginative ways. This made me think "I should do that with Lil' Man!" except I don't want to pull an entire lot of pink tip cards out of their display...pretty sure managers frown on that sorta thing...

Now my second example of Spring is this:
Can you see him there? Hiding? Just to the right of that yellow weed? Right, here's a little story about him.

Because its Spring, that means that the weeds start popping up. (dead pan, yay!) My Action Hero Husband went out with the weed killer and nabbed those suckers straight away (good job honey!) but then two days later, they were all dead and yellow and just looked like Morticia Addams garden. So while Lil' Man was nappin' away, I pulled out my gardening gloves (dusted them off and shook them, making sure nothing living was hiding in the finger holes) and started pullin' up the dead weeds.

Here's something you might not know about me yet. I don't really do live animals. Meaning, live animals that I might come across in the yard, i.e., snakes, things with wings (excluding birds, they don't bother me) ants, mice, things with more feet than me...get the point?

So, while I'm in the weed-pulling-zone, Jack (our dog) is laying behind me sunning himself, I reach down to grab a weed and let out a super girlie yelp, then fall backwards on my bum. Yes, Mother Nature punked me. That little toad didn't even have the decency to flinch while I was busy having a mini heart attack right next to him. He just blinked his little toad eyes at me like, "what's wrong wit' you, lady?"

Needless to say that weed that you see in the photo next to him, is still there.

While all of this fresh air is inspiring me to clean the house I found myself this morning cleaning out the refrigerator. And, as I'm kneeling down to pull out the bottom drawer (that no one really uses...) I'm asking myself, "How did I get here? Right here, kneeling down, in my pajamas with a soapy sponge cleaning out our fridge? How did this happen?" Its like I've been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug or something. Yesterday I was all hopped up on cleaning our master bathroom. If I was pregnant (which I'm so not) you might call this nesting, but it seems this happens to me every year in Spring. I get bit by the bug, land in the zone and put on my bright yellow gloves. I mean, worse things could happen to a girl, right?

On the design front, I popped into Pier1 last week to buy some pieces for a client's new patio that extends off her master bedroom. Can I just tell you how much I enjoy Pier1? The bright colors, the music, the products...all of it, just makes me happy. Here's the space:
Long and narrow, so I used blue painters tape to give my client an idea of how big everything would be.

We got two of these chairs from Pier1 and put these cushions on them for a little pop of color (I love that they are reversible so when you get tired of one side, just flip for something new!)

And two of these smaller planters from

Once all the flowers are planted I'll take photos!

Happy Spring!