Monday, April 29, 2013

Its a bird? Its a plane? ITS NEW COUNTERS!!!

Its happening!
Its finally happening!!
Our kitchen is getting a little make-ova'! (And by little, I mean HUGE!)

I'm around beautiful products all the time, and until now I've been very good at looking-but-not-touching. However, when I found this linear mosaic blend tile I fell. In. Love. Hard. As I was stroking the tile with the back of my hand, I asked my sales rep to pllllllllease order me a sample. (Or two. Or three...) so when they arrived about a week later, I was head over heals with my tile. Yes, MY tile. It became mine within a nanosecond. I received three pieces of three rows of my tile. So I laid them on the counter, and drooled. Then it hit me- TAPE THEM UP!
So I did...
I hung some up here (I used the blue tape to hold them up because its a low-tack tape, so it won't pull off my drywall when its done holding the tile in place!)  

And put some over here too...(don't mind the canister of mini M&M's...I feel its vital that every kitchen have some M&M's!)

And over here too!! Yes we will be putting the tile on the side of our panty. Why? Because when they installed the laminate side splash, they glued it to the side of the cabinet. So when we rip it off, we would have a yucky (yes, yucky is a totally 'professional' word) surface, so we are going to cover the whole area with the pretty tiles and call it a day!

Now it might seem like a simple task; just find a counter to go with the perfect backsplash tile, Erin. Shouldn't be a big deal, right? I mean, this is what I do for other people...I should be able to do this for my home without incident, right? Well...I thought solid black counters were going to be the way to go. I was certain it was all about the solid black. I got a sample of Black Uba Tuba and moved it around the kitchen, and kept feeling like "its oooooookay". It wasn't that shock of electricity through me like, "YES! This is THE one...". I knew something was off, so I moved it around and around, and finally I put it in the laundry room so that when I was folding laundry, I could really "look" at it. And that's when it hit me. Somewhere in between socks and t-shirts, I realized what the problem was. It was green. 

I asked the hubs when he came home:
me: Do you see green?
hubs: Green?
me: Yes. In the sample, do you see green?
hubs: I see green outside. I don't see any green in the counter. 
me: You're sure?
hubs: Is this going somewhere?
me: I see green
hubs: I see your crazy
me: Oh. 

Realizing I wasn't gonna convince him that there was green in the counter, I emailed my granite rep, explaining my epic dilema. Mainly that I don't have anything green in our house. Like, NOTHING in our home is green. Its all black, white, gray and beige. Not green. And my perfect backsplash tile wasn't green. AHHHHHH. And could she please knock me off a sample of the gray granite? She emailed me back, told me she doesn't see green in the granite either, but she wanted me to be 100% happy, so if I saw green, she saw green and she'd happily knock me off a piece of the gray. 

I brought home the gray granite and put it next to the "black" one. Hands down, I knew. I got that tingly feeling with the gray...but I withheld my giddy-happy-dance until The Hubs made his decision. 
me: So, here they are, side by side. Which do you prefer?
hubs: Uhm
hubs: Uhm
me: This was the quickest, easiest decision ever
hubs: So its the gray one, right?
me: DUH!
(and that's how we communicate)

Because I'm me, I've been moving around the sample of granite too. Its been in every corner, under every item (like our soap dispenser) I have that lives on my counter...I've hung it over the side of my sink (because the new one will be under mount...and I wanted to see how that would look and feel...) I've sprayed my sample of granite with my usual cleaner, just a wet cloth, a sponge with soap...all to find out which will leave a streak and which won't...

My version of an under mount sink...sorta

 ...and next to the sink

Our little granite sample has become my favorite coaster...and trivet, and cutting board...I might actually miss my little sample. Oh wait, I won't have to have a mini sample anymore...because in two weeks we will have a GIANT counter to use a coaster! EEK! I can put a hot pan on my counters! I can cut directly on the counter! I can TAP DANCE on my counters!! SQUEEEEEEEAL! I'm so excited! 

Here are the two samples together:
Perfect harmony...