Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kitchen reveal- part 1

"What did you do?" my chiropractor asked me when I hobbled into his office. "Just finished painting my kitchen cabinets" I mumbled in pain. 

He proceeded to do his magic on my back, shoulders and neck and when he was done he told me, "Erin, are you sure you're done with this kitchen project? From the looks of your back, you should be done." I nodded (now that I could move my head again) and said "I'm finished." And then, maybe a little too proudly said,  "wanna see the pictures?!"

And so, here is the big kitchen reveal:
yes, that's a Spiderman figurine on the top of our cabinets- I'll explain later

new fancy-pants back splash makes my mixer POP!

 Check out my uh-maze-ing undermountsink!

 There's Spidey again...just watching over things

 My lil' Keurig likes his pretty new counters

Ok, so now that you've see all the pretty''s how this all went down. 
My dad came to visit the weekend before we were getting the counters templated (and, if you remember that little piece of granite I kept moving around) He said after looking at the samples, "You know what would look awesome? Paint your cabinets black!" and I said, "WHAAAAAAA?" and he said, "Honey, I'm telling you, paint them black. Its going to change the whole house." I nodded and said, "but that's going to be uh-lot of work!" and he just looked at me like, "...and when did a little elbow grease bother you, missy?" Oh. 

So he left and the super nice template man, Tony, came to our house. In order to get a perfect template, he needed to remove our existing backplash...
Pretty awesome, hu? When I came back in from playing outside with Lil' Man, I was so excited I was bouncing up and down! I couldn't believe it was actually happening!!

 To create the template, he used (what was basically) a lot of yard sticks

 He hot glued the yard sticks together to create a perfect replica (that they would later use to cut and layout our granite slab)

After he templated, I was BUZZING with excitement. This was really going to happen. We were really going to have a new kitchen. And then it hit me, like a ton of big, fat bricks- PAINT. YOUR. CABINETS. BLACK. (It might have just been that I had just gotten off the phone with my dad, who might have said that, over and over and over to me...but whatever!)

So I waited for The Hubs to come home and had "the talk". 
me: If you were to come home tomorrow and the cabinets were black, would you still love me?
him: What?
me: Was that a yes?
him: Hu?
me: You didn't say 'no' right off the bat, so I'm going to take that as a yes!
him: Oh boy. 

The next day Lil' Man and I went to The Home Depot and got all the supplies I needed. I called The Hubs before checking out. 
me: Just to be 100% sure, I'm going to buy all the stuff to paint the cabinets. 
him: Oh honey. 
me: So that's your approval?
him: Not really...I think your crazy. How are you going to do all this painting with Lil' Man running around your feet?
me: Hu? (blowing into phone) I. Can't. Hear. You
him: Erin. 
me: (still blowing) You. Are. Breaking. Up. 
him: I love you
me: hehe, love you too! BYEEEEEE