Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stick a fork in me: I'm done

There comes a time in each girl's life when you don't realize, until its too late, that you've over done it. This is what I did yesterday. I totally overdone it.

When I first started operation: honey to white, I didn't think I would end up feeling like I got run over by a truck, alas, the truck has hit me and kept on rollin'.

I have Mondays and Friday off from work, which means I get four day weekends each week (score!) but it also means there is a high probability for lazy to kick in. I've decided several months ago I'd kick lazy in the ass before I ever became one of 'those' women. (You know the kind, who stay home, turn into a couch potato and can't get enough of soap operas...yeah, I'm not that girl.)

This past Friday I wasn't feeling well, so I was 'that girl' all day. Sitting on the couch, just waiting to feel better. Saturday we went to a birthday party (and, as always, had a wonderful time with our friends and adult beverages!)...Sunday we went appliance shopping with my mom (she just got a new house yesterday!).

I realized while looking at the fancy washers and dryers, that I needed more blue tape (and more masking tape). Himph. The hubs and I took a trip to Walmart (ours just got turned into a fancy super walmart...is there anything they don't carry? I don't think so!)

Even though I was feeling tired, I opted to start masking off the foyer...which lead me into the half bath, then kitchen...oh dear God, you know where this is going, don't you? I taped off the whole first floor. Took about three hours (and some pizza) but it got done. Naturally, when I woke up yesterday morning, I was ready to prime/paint/getter done.

I started at 7.30 a.m. and kept saying to myself, "self, when I get to the bottom of this container of paint, I should stop"...but did I listen to me? Of course not. By 2.30, it was done and so was I. But I didn't know I was done yet, so I kept going.

Jack and I went to the bank, then went to Home Depot (where, when getting out of my car, got the MOTHER of all shocks on my middle finger. Seriously, my skin smelled burned afterwards!) And then we went to Petsmart. Because, of course, that couldn't wait!

As if doing all these other tasks wasn't enough, I then met up with mom at her new house to take part in the walk-thru...I measured all her windows, all the rooms and made lists of what she's gonna need. When I did finally get home, I could barely stand up straight. My back was so sore and stiff from bending down, painting all day. Oh, and then this really cute cough started- you know the kind that makes you sound like a big, grumpy truck driver, yeah...that cough. Its awesome.

The hubs was home when I got there after the walk thru and he took such good care of me. Turned on the heating pad, made dinner and even kept me hydrated :) hehe...

I'm so relieved to be at work today and get to rest :)