Monday, December 28, 2009

Present run down '09

We had such a nice Christmas in Casa de la Lowe and hope everyone else did. Here's the run down of my favorite presents:

1- The Elsa Peretti earrings I've wanted for sooo long to match my necklace the hubs gave me last year (hehe-a girl can never have too much Tiffany's!)
2- Our new vacuum from mom (OMG, quick story about the vacuum, while on its maiden voyage around the upstairs of our hizzle, it devoured the rug in the guest bathroom...while I'm yelling "STOOOOP, LET IT GO!" The hubs walks into the doorway, laughs at me and says, "I think its a user-error...") Whatever, that baby can SUCK and its a pretty purple color :)
3- Books, more books and a few more books (13, 14 &15)
4- Gift card to Chili's (yippy! Bring on a chicken quesadilla and the Corona!)
5- Gift card to Home Goods (yippy! Bring on the lamp section!)
6- The Clinique counter (seriously, I clean house each time I stop there, ahhhh- my face feels so loved once I'm gone- quick story about my most recent visit:

So the mil and I walk over, totally thinking we're just going to buy what we came for...until some older lady who worked there with clown-like makeup on says, "sit down honey, I'll try some shadow on you!" EEK!

But, okay, its dark in this mall, so maybe no one will notice. Well, she starts working on my lids and, after I almost DIED because of the amount of lip liner she was using (a terrible shade of pepto-pink) she said, "All done!" and, through one open eye, I looked- half expecting to look like a prop piece from Willy Wonka and BAZAAAAAM- my eyes looked AWESOME! So we bought all the products she used (just not that terrible lip liner, omgaw, it was HORRIBLE looking!)

What were you favorite Christmas presents this year?! Any good drunken stories? (I got one of those too...maybe I'll post it tomorrow, hehe)