Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brad and Angie, oh no!

I have the title in my family of being the gossip queen. (Which, I am very proud of) My father in law also is a pop-culture nut (which makes our relationship that much stronger). He and I always try to out-do the other by seeing just how current the others knowledge is. You know the saying, "Miss a day, miss a lot"? Right, the days that I missed checking in on my sites (People, Perez, dlisted...) HUGE things happened which my father in law graciously rubbed in my face.

What kind of huge things am I talking about? How about Brad and Jen filing for divorce? (Yeah, I know it was like 5+ years ago, but that still stings like a bee). Heath Ledger (that was just tragic...but I was already on my way home from work, away from my computer, when the news broke). Anna Nicole Smith's son dying ('nuff said).

You know how sports fans have superstitions, like "if I watch the game while sitting on this couch, they win...but if I sit in that chair, they lose!" I have the similar superstitions for pop-culture.

If I miss checking in on the latest dirt, even for a day, something MAH-JAH happens. It doesn't fail! Case in point, Sunday night.

The hubs and I go over to his parents house for pizza (which was awesome) and, as we are talking, my fil brings up the Brad and Angie story.


I immediately say "that's bullshit! No they didn't! They couldn't have!" but then I realized, it was already 7 p.m. and I hadn't checked on the sites maybe they did file? Craaaaap!

Like a tornado I spin around in my chair, grab the nearest laptop and get to work digging for the "truth". My fil pointed out that the National Enquirer is always the most accurate for these types of stories (if you've watched Men in Black, you know just how accurate they really are...) Anyway, I load up my sites in record time all the while my mil is watching in amazement.

Know the saying, "I speak faster than I can think?" Right. In a high stress situation like this, I type faster than I think...

It seems as though I have lucked out, since Brad and Angie haven't split. Maybe this was the wake up call I needed to break out of my superstitious funk I've been in for the past five years? Or maybe this was just God's way of toying with me to make sure I was still paying attention...