Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh baby!

It seems that everywhere I look (or read) people are having babies! They are popping out over at All Things G&D, The Spohrs Are Multiplying and Young House Love

The other day I took Jack for a walk (which I do all the time, weather permitting) and my neighbor (who I only seem to talk to in the summertime) was totally carrying a baby in a baby carrier! SERIOUSLY?!

When I first moved to Ohio from South Florida five years ago, the first thing I noticed was that everyone was preggers! I was certain it had something to do with the water supply, so I drank bottled for a long time. (You know, just to be sure...)

Some people say I notice it more now because I'm "that age"...but whatever.

Have you seen the new movie coming out ALL ABOUT BABIES? Guess what its called, you got it, Babies! (shocker!) Its actually a documentary that follows the first year of life of four babies around the world. Check it out. I'm actually really excited to see it, based on the very first 30 seconds of the trailer. The two babies playing with rocks in the desert...seriously? Then the one bites the other...haha, it just makes me smile.

Anyway, all the baby blabber makes me anxious to eventually have one of our own. The hubs and I are on the "five year plan", which at times seems more like a death sentence than a goal. I mean, when there are cute things like this and this out there, how is a girl supposed to NOT want them all to accessorize with her spawn? hehe