Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm closer to being done...

In the beginning of January I asked the hubs to walk with me around a furniture store because I "just wanted to see what they have"...which turned into us buying new bedroom furniture! (hehe, I'm a lil' persuasive; and, we got a great deal..)

Me being the anxious-Annie that I am, I called the furniture store in late January to find out when it was getting delivered. They were waiting for one more piece so it would be a little while longer, but it would be delivered on Feb. 4. Awesome.

Monday evening my fil came over and helped the hubs move the dressers from our bedroom into the guest room (which, makes the guest room look more like a real room, like someone could totally live there...hehe, its cool!) which left our bedroom open. And bear. And then the light bulb went off, I should paint the room NOW. Like, right now. But it was 11.30p and Home Depot was already closed so I'd have to wait 'til morning.

Too bad I had to be at the jobbie job at 6 a.m. which meant I'd stop at the Depot on the way home...which I totally did. (While I was working, the delivery time for the furniture was sent to my celly, Thursday, Feb 4 between 11.45 and 1.45....) I got out of work at 2.30, high tailed it across the street to the Depot, got my paint and rollers on...and came home armed and ready to paint.

I had to prime the walls though, which at first I was really bummed about because it was taking away from my real-paint time. Anyway, after I get the primer on, the hubs comes home. "YOU PAINTED THE ROOM WHITE?" haha, nooooooooo.

After a short dinner break (a girl has to keep up her strength you know) I got my Bona Fide Beige (Sherwin Williams) on. I thought, honestly it had a little pink to it...but it TOTALLY doesn't. It turned out to be a real, true beige, and I heart it!!

I kept the accent wall (that I painted French Roast, also SW, three years ago) and did the other three walls in the beige...omg, it was instant bliss. I went to sleep close to midnight, but all the rolling was completed, all I'd need to do in the morning was the cutting-in. Easy!

Fast forward to yesterday morning, I got up, made coffee, got my oatmeal on, hopped on the ladder and like a painting FREAK knocked out all the trim in 45 minutes. Then I had to put the room back together. Why was I working at freak pace? Because I was certain the delivery truck was going to come early and I wanted the room to be put together before they got here (and take a shower, 'cause seriously, I was smelling...)

Thank GOD I worked at the pace I did because Christmas came half hour early! The delivery guys were super nice, I gave them each a Pepsi (hoping that would encourage them to NOT dent/scratch my walls) and you know what, they didn't! We talked about their worst homes they've delivered to...I signed the paperwork and off they went.

Let the games begin!

I waxed the new furniture with such pride...hehe, it looks INCREDIBLE and with the new paint color it really looks like a new room. I'll post pictures know, once I take them!

So I think I'm almost done with the whole house redecorating adventure...I mean, there aren't a lot of rooms left...