Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let the games begin

So excited! Last night I met with one of my neighbors to help her put together her great room. She read the blog, liked what she saw (on my house redesign) and wants my help! Eek! We met for about an hour to get an idea of what she and her hubby wanted for the space and now, its time to get the ball rolling, yippy!!

Things in the world of me are going well. I had a long talk with my boss; which helped me feel more at ease with the whole situation. My solutions to the current problems are:
- I'll come to the office once a week
- This will help cut down any additional hours I'm accruing
- When he gets busy and needs my help, I'm here
- Hopefully one day, maybe soon, I'll get some moolah

Funny story. Last week I went out to one of my clients homes to take 'after' pictures of her fabulous kitchen addition/remodel (which ended up taking 6-ish months to complete, oh yeah, it was as close to a nightmare for her as they come...) The first time we met, we were in her laundry room and it was filled with cow stuff. (I have a soft spot for cow figurines, cow spots...yeah back in the day, I was a cow-a-holic)

In passing I mention to her that I LURV cows...she says, "well, when this project is all over sweetheart, its all yours! I'll put all this crap in a box, and its yours!". I totally thought she was kidding.

Fast forward to last week when I go to take the after pictures, she hands me a HUGE box and says, "tip it". "Excuse me?" "Tip the box" I tipped the box and guess what. The damn thing started to MOO at me.

Apparently she had a cow cookie jar that each time you open the top, it mooed. How thoughtful. She also gave me a bottle of wine, some chocolate covered pretzels and a big hug. When I was driving back home, each time I made a turn or drove over a bump in the road, I heard "moooooooo" from the backseat.

Best gift from a client ever.