Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Loves it

So I got an email from Benny (Benjamin Moore, yeah, we're that close) the other day talking about their 'top ten new year's resolutions'. At first I was all, "wtf, who cares what a paint companies resolutions are..." and then I thought, "oh alright, I'll open it" and that's when I realized it wasn't the companies resolutions, it was designers tips to start off your new year. Yippy!

Each day they have been featuring a different designers tips along with their personal websites. I'm looking at the run down today and come across Jenn Sbranti's site, hostessblog. Eek!

I am in total like with her blog.

I scroll down to see what the headlines are on and I come across a picture of a ladybug cupcake. Now, I know its not rocket science to make it, but I never really thought about how to make a ladybug cupcake!