Monday, February 22, 2010

How many collars do you really need?

Eric and I spent over 20 minutes in Petsmart on Saturday debating over what kind of collar to get for Jack.

For as long as we've had him, he's always had a black leather spike collar. The night that we got him, I put on a spiked collar and it nearly toppled him over (which made it even cuter!) And then as he grew, so did the number of spikes on his neck.

The exception to the leather spike collar rule is when we are at the lake house during the summer. I put on a nylon collar for him (so when he's romping in the lake, he doesn't ruin the leather)...anyway, he was having issues during the summer when we put the leather one back on, I figured something like poison ivy oils got under neath, causing him to have a rash.

For Christmas we gave Jack a brand new black leather spike collar and it was wonderful. He was so happy and looked super stylish :)

Then last week Jack walks by me and I notice that he's got that puppy-needs-a-bath-now smell. (If you own a dog, you know what I'm talking about...) So I plunk the pup in the tub and give him a rub. Haaaahahahaha, I didn't even mean for that to rhyme! Awesome.

Anyway, as I'm washing him off I notice he's all red under his collar, UH-GAIN! So I put the summer/lake nylon one back on him and wait 'til the hubs gets home to talk about our options. We decide to bite the bullet and buy him a new collar. Again. Himph.

Which is why we ended up in Petsmart on Saturday spending far too much time talking about pros and cons of said collars. This one didn't seem strong enough. This one he'd probably break out of. This one...oh yeah, it went on for ever. (and it was because of me, not the hubs that I dragged on for so long, I accept that fact and I'm moving forward) HOWEVER, we finally find one that meets my safety requirements along with fashion reqs and we buy it.

Can I just tell you how thankful I am for the people who made this collar? We got him the graphite (which isn't a huge, but big enough, departure from his constant black...) and it has lil' brushed nickel accents; Jack now coordinates with my car!

It seems, for now (fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed) that it does the trick for Jack. I think the problem was moisture was getting trapped under the leather, so his skin couldn't breathe, causing the rash. Anyway, the graphite one is working like a charm and I couldn't be happier.

Which now brings his total collar count up to, er, 7. He's only 4 years old. Most dogs get a new collar like, once every year or once every two years...he's above average in one more category now!!!

Yup, that's my lil' over achiever!