Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too busy

Have you ever been too busy sometimes that you forget to pee? Well, you realize you have to pee, but your mind keeps moving and your limbs follow and pretty soon you're either in a puddle or ready to explode?

Right, the puddle hasn't happened to me yet...but if you've noticed, I didn't post the whole month of April. Lemme say that again, THE WHOLE MONTH OF APRIL, not one post! WTF?!

"But Erin, what have you been doing to keep you so busy that you forget to pee?" I know your asking...well, work is giving me lots of hours and I'm doing some other things which is awesome! Things are lining themselves up and for that, I'm thankful.

I know this is crazy short, but you know what...at least I posted something for May...haha. So maybe I won't post anything else for the month!

BTW, have you caught the show The Marriage Ref on NBC? Oh gosh, I love that show and the crazy people they have on it...seriously, it makes me bust out laughing every time we watch it :)