Monday, November 8, 2010

Back in the day...

I never thought I'd be one of those people who when talking about life, would refer to "back in the day". But I've become one of those people. Case in point:

When I was in college at the end of every class we'd have to put together display boards. Boards that would display my hard work I've put into the class project. Boards that would get me ready for "the real world". Boards that would impress.

To take a simple piece of foam core board and slap some samples on it was not acceptable. These boards needed to become a piece of art. A project all themselves. And they never failed to impress.

But here's the thing, they took forever to create. Thankfully I never had to do it alone. My friend Derona and I were in all the same classes, so we suffered together.

Here's how the process went:
- buy a piece of foam core
- buy a piece of colored Canson paper
- buy spray glue to attach Canson paper to foam core
- Pray (a lot) while spraying glue onto board that it went on evenly
- Pray (again) while positioning the Canson paper to the wet glued foam core board
- Curse when you found a bubble
- Pray that you'd be able to pull the Canson paper off without tearing it
- Curse when you tear the paper
- Thank God that you bought an extra sheet of paper
- Reapply spray glue
- Reposition paper, spread out any bubbles
- Thank God you've completed one board.

Repeat at least four more times.

Yes. We always had at minimum four boards for a class, but typically ended with five.

By the time we were nearing the end of college, we had this down to a science. What started out as an hour event (per board) turned into a mere 15 minute display of fine tuned skills.

Imagine my surprise however when for a current project I'm asked to create a display board. Immediately my mind races back to my spray glue/Canson paper drama; but then I remind myself, "You can do this! You've done this before and nailed it..."

So I walk to the foam core section of our craft store and stare at the blank boards in front of me; begging to be covered in a beautiful colored paper and adorned with stunning samples. And then, something catches my eye. A piece of foam core that has a pre-pasted side.


Literally, all you have to do is PEEL AND STICK! I almost had a melt down right then and there in the store.



"I REMEMBER BACK IN THE DAY..." and then I realized I just said, "back in the day". I sobered up, grabbed my board, paid and couldn't email Derona fast enough about my new find. And when we talked, we both made mention of "back in the day..."

Here's a picture of how EASY it was to get my board ready for paper...

And the finished product:

Total time start to finished? About 5 minutes. Kids these days have it so easy...