Monday, November 15, 2010

I love me some Christmas, but...

When I first met my hubby he laid the law down about holiday decorating. "There will not be a mistletoe hung, nor a tree cut down, until December 1. Then you can go wild."


At first I didn't understand this and called him the Grinch because I didn't understand holding off on getting into the Christmas spirit. And then I slowly started to understand.

You might remember my post in August about me getting into the Christmas spirit a little early (I bought fantastic ornaments; but hey, they were on super sale!) and then catching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (and believe me, when it came on, I turned on the surround sound and had me a jolly-good-time!) My point is that it all seemed a little harmless in August.

Then stores started putting our all their Christmas stuff. In September. And then, when I was in Kohl's two weekends ago with my mom (checking out their Christmas selections, of course!) Jingle Bells was playing overhead.

So last night the hubs and I are talking about getting some cool socks and he says, "Let's go to Kohl's!" and I realize he's going to complain while we are in the store (that is FULLY decorated for Christmas) about it being too early for the decorations and most of all, the music.

We walk in and I notice I'm talking a little louder than usual; trying to cover the music in the background. Then he realizes what I'm doing. We both laughed, checked out their sock selection (they didn't have what we needed) and headed over to Target...

My point for this post is this: when is it TOO early to decorate or start celebrating for Christmas? Should we wait until after Thanksgiving?

And what about Christmas lights outside? When's too early?