Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dr. Seuss you are not...

It seems that everyone whose anyone writes a book. Every morning I watch The Today show (hi Matt and Mer!)and every morning they are interviewing someone about their new book. Jimmy Carter just wrote another book (his 25th!) and right now I'm watching Matt interview Buddy "The Cake Boss". He wrote a book. Seriously.

Earlier on The Today show, Ricky Martin was on talking about his new book called "Me". Do you remember Ricky Martin? He was living la vida loca, er, 10 years ago...but of course, now he's got a new album coming out so it only makes sense that he'd write a book about his "glory days" (to remind all of us who he is probably) And what's the book about? Lemme look at the title again, "Me". Oh. Right.

Maybe I'm being hard on all these people, I just wonder when these people walked into a publisher did they cock their head to the side (like I'm doing) and wonder, "really? You want to write a book?"

I don't think either Buddy or Ricky will end up being the next Dr.Seuss- in the mean time I might head over to Borders and read the back of the know- morbid curiosity.