Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas around the house: Day 4

The hubs and I are Disney people. Some people grow out of Disney characters, while others (like us) find the more adult side of appreciating Disney. We visit Walt Disney World at least once a year (more often when we lived in south Florida...) and so it made perfect sense when we started our home together that when people bought us things, they'd buy us Disney-things. One of those Disney-things, was a miniature village scene.

When we first got it, we placed it on the mantel along with the fake snow it came with. (Thankfully, the hubs read the warnings- which, this should have been a red flag, it came with a warning in huge black, bold-face letters-on the "snow" and learned it was very having it over the fireplace seemed like a recipe for a Christmas bonfire. Ever since we've kept it in a little baggie, labeled "Snow- extremely flammable") ANYWAY, this year when we were setting things up I thought, "where can we put the village, that isn't an obvious place?" and then it hit me!

On the leaning ladder-bookcase! Perfect!

At night when its lit up, I'd love to just jump into the scene with Mickey, and carol with Minnie and Daisy. Just makes me smile everything I see it...maybe its time to plan another trip to Disney...hmmmm