Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to school

When I received a call last year to apply for a teaching position at the community college several things happened very quickly in my head (in no particular order):
- Oh cool, I can teach people about what I love to do
- Wait, if I'm teaching the class, then who has to grade things? Oh.
- Do I really know that much about interiors that I could actually teach someone else?
- What if I forget to wear pants? (Obviously that was just a dream...)
- What should the students call me? Professor? Instructor? Maybe just Erin?

My first semester teaching went awesome. I had three students (yes, only THREE, how awesome is that?!) and it was a perfect way to get my feet wet in teaching, without being overwhelmed with twenty students.

As it turned out, I was (am) an awesome teacher! (All my students told me so, so its not like I'm patting myself on the back here...its a fact; and no I didn't pay them to say nice things about me!) I didn't realize how much I actually knew about interior design, until I was with a bunch of people who didn't know anything about interior design. (And boy did I feel smart!)

Next week the Fall semester starts and I'm so excited! I'll be teaching two classes and everyone who I tell, all say the same thing, "I wanna be in your class!" hehe

I'm totally geeking-out here, but one of my favorite things about teaching is all the ORGANIZING I get to do. All the prep work, all the labels and tabs and new pen smell...ahhhh, its wonderful!